Computer business simulations

We don’t play computer games, we play games for people with the help of computers.

David L. Lamont

The concept of ‘learning by doing’ which is a core of MIM-Kyiv programs envisages integrating teaching courses with business simulations — computer business games which imitate dynamic competitive market business environment by means of computer simulation.

The first teaching business simulations were introduced in MIM-Kyiv as a result of partnership projects with the leading business schools of Europe and the USA and due to great efficiency of business simulations, interest of Ukrainian MBA program participants and the experience obtained from arranging business games.


Strategic marketing simulation developed by French business school INSEAD and introduced at MIM-Kyiv with the technical and methodological Support of Lovanium International Management Centre (Belgium, Brussels). The participants of marketing simulation act as top executives of a company operating in tough competitive environment for 7—12 years.

FAST (Financial Analysis and Security Trading)

FAST — Financial Analysis and Security Trading — is a computer simulation developed in early 90—ies by Carnegie Mellon Business School, Carnegie Mellon University(Pitsburg, the USA) on the basis of stock exchange trading system which is used in Wall Street. MIM-Kyiv is the only educational institution in Ukraineauthorized to use FAST in its academic programs.


Business simulation imitating company’s activity in international competitive environment. The business game was developed at the Centre of interactive computer simulations of  Carnegie Mellon University, USA and is taught in international and local formats. The teams of participants develop adaptive competitive strategies of company’s development and implement them for 2—3 virtual years, taking strategic decisions on marketing, production, finance and development.

MBA program participants of 11 leading universities and business schools from different countries — the USA, Japan, China, Chili, Ukraine, Russia and Mexico take part in the international course GLOBAL MANAGEMENT GAME. The international game is carried out via the Internet by its main developer — David L. Lamont, professor of strategic management and director of the Centre of interactive simulations Carnegie Mellon University, the USA, together with the teachers of business schools, participants of International Strategic Management Course.

 Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN)