Business School MIM-Kyiv

MIM-Kyiv is a leading graduate business school located in the capital city of Ukraine.

Our programs are designed to help professionals successfully cope with unique challenges of management and business in Ukraine.

MIM-Kyiv was established in 1989 as a joint venture between the International Management Institute (IMI-Geneva) and the Institute of Economy of the National Academy of Science in Ukraine.

It was MIM-Kyiv that first offered an MBA program based on international standards to the post-Soviet managers in 1990 has remained since then the leader of business education in the country.

September 26

Every September Ukrainian pharma industry conducts their Panacea Award ceremony which MIM-Kyiv have sponsored for many years. This year Prof. Vynogradov, MIM-Kyiv VP (Business Development) gave “Manager of the Year” prize.

September 19

MIM-Kyiv awarded its certificates to the managers of the “ÐÓØ” ltd., top national retailer running EVA chain of personal care stores. EVA chain is the household name in Ukraine.

July 22

In mid-July the MIM-Weekend 2016 was held. 160 alumni joined to discuss newest business developments, do networking and have some fun.

July 20

MIM-Kyiv launched its second program for the All Ukrainian Network of People living with HIV. The cooperation started 10 years ago when the Network just started its activities. Currently, the Network faced the challenge of social entrepreneurship. MIM-Kyiv was chosen to teach business approaches to the NGOs activities.

July 14

Second year SE MBA class visited the South Africa where the University of Stellenbosch Business School hosted their international module. “The place of disruption, endless opportunities and future happening today,” called the place Ms. Natalia Dankovich, Head of MIM-Kyiv’s Academic Programs Administration Office.

July 14

MIM-Kyiv Business School together with Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine and Business Development Group held EU4Business Week on July 11 – 15, 2016. The week was aimed at encouraging Ukrainian business associations and entrepreneurship supporting organizations to participate in the private – public dialogue (PPD) and to present new advocacy tools. The event started with the presentation of the «SME Policy Index» by OECD.

June 9
MIM-Kyiv conferred its first Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree on Oleksandr Holovchenko, MIM-Kyiv MBA 2000 and CEO for Soyuz Grid for his research “Senior Executives Motivation Systems in Energy and Fuel Sector in Ukraine”.
June 3
Mr. Pyatnitsky who is known in Ukraine as one of the “Fathers of the Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement” discussed the opportunities and bottlenecks of the Agreement. He presented EU preferences to Ukraine, export duties, e-commerce with EU, etc. On the other hand he mentioned that Ukraine’s external export was shrinking.
June 1

MIM-Kyiv hosted the workshop on hiring best performers. Mr. Valery Holubochenko, founder and CEO of the “InforManager” group of companies was the key speaker. 4 main areas of candidates’ assessment and testing approaches were in the main topics of the workshop.

May 30
The World Competitiveness Scoreboard presents the 2016 overall rankings for the 61 economies covered by the WCY. The economies are ranked from the most to the least competitive and the results are ranged from the previous year panel based on 333 criteria’s (2/3 hard data (competitiveness measured) and 1/3 survey respondents (competitiveness perceived). Therefore, Ukraine has achieved range 46.512 (41.986 – 2015) out of maximum 100 points and is ranked the 59th (60 – 2015) in overall rank followed by Mongolia and Venezuela.

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