Business School MIM-Kyiv

MIM-Kyiv is a leading graduate business school located in the capital city of Ukraine.

Our programs are designed to help professionals successfully cope with unique challenges of management and business in Ukraine.

MIM-Kyiv was established in 1989 as a joint venture between the International Management Institute (IMI-Geneva) and the Institute of Economy of the National Academy of Science in Ukraine.

It was MIM-Kyiv that first offered an MBA program based on international standards to the post-Soviet managers in 1990 has remained since then the leader of business education in the country.

March 27

Managers from Donbasenergo, one of the national energy generating companies accomplished their 9-month long program at MIM-Kyiv. The program was tailored to meet the needs of the company.

March 13

MIM-Kyiv continued its educational program with Sinevo medical laboratories national chain by laubnching the new program. This program is aimed at the solution of the problems the company is now facing. Special attention will be paid to communication skills and development of the consulting projects.

March 3

Mr. Arthur Herasimov, the Representative of the President in the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) was a special guest speaker at MIM-Kyiv’s “Business and Power Dialogues” series. Mr. Herasimov’s presentation was very interesting for the event attendees as he is one of those officials who moved to the public sector from corporate Ukraine after Euromaidan in order to reform the country.

February 24

On February 22, MIM-Kyiv launched its tailor-made management development program for the “IT-Integrator” company. The program is aimed at developing managerial skills and helping its team to face current business challenges.

February 3

On January 24 MIM-Kyiv community welcomed Mr. Jean-Pierre Méan, ex-president of the Transparency International and attorney at law for MCE Attorneys and a well-known anti-corruption expert. He delivered his presentation on corruption problems in public and private sectors and discussed why and how it should be fight against.

January 12

On January 23 – 27, 2017 final EU4Business Week launched by the East Invest 2, the EU initiative was held. MIM-Kyiv co-organized and hosted the event. Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine, “Business Gathering” and League of business and professional women of Ukraine were partners of the Series.

December 30
December 20

Mr. Oleksandr Chalyi delivered open lecture and moderated the discussion on the Ukrainian – American relationships and new geopolitical reality. The meeting was rather different from traditional business-oriented meetings as was devoted to the fate of Ukraine in the new world and the latest global trends.

December 8

In early December MIM-Kyiv together with Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine, International Taxpayers Committee and "Business Gathering" conducted EU4Business Week within the framework of the EU funded East Invest 2 project. The event was designed to support and develop SME and business support organizations.

December 1
International Management Institute “MIM-Kyiv” has dramatically upgraded its international standing according to the Eduniversal, the international ranking agency. It was awarded 4 Palms during the Convention of the organization in Perth.  Thus, MIM-Kyiv has joined the premier league of 200 top business schools with significant international influence.

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